Netball for beginners

What netball gear do I need?

A photo of trainers and a bottle | What netball gear do I need?

Netball for beginners: What to wear to netball training

Now that you’ve decided to head to your first netball session you need to think about what to wear.

No need to fret. Social netball is usually really relaxed and there is no set uniform.

You’ll need to wear comfy clothes. Stretchy material is good as there is lots of twisting and turning in netball. A t-shirt and shorts or leggings is fine. It doesn’t matter about colours or patterns because you will be wearing bibs in the session so that you know which team you are on and which position you are playing.

As for footwear, wearing supportive trainers is fairly important. Running, jumping and pivoting are difficult to do if you’re wearing unsuitable shoes. A good pair of sturdy trainers will be fine. You don’t need to get netball trainers just yet. (You will probably want to if you end up playing a lot!)

Do I need to bring anything else?

Not really.

A water bottle – it’s thirsty work!

A towel if you get a bit sweaty.


Netball is a simple game. The coaches will provide bibs and balls. If you had terrible luck and got injured, then they have first aid kits and ice packs at most sessions. (Don’t worry! It most likely won’t happen).

So now you know what to wear for netball. That’s really all you need.

Now go and enjoy some netball!

PS – if you want to know about some of the things you shouldn’t wear to netball then read this post.


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