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The netball no-nos you need to know!

Try saying that ^^ really fast! ?

So you know what you need to wear for your first game but now you need to know about the things that you can’t wear on the court.

Now not all netball sessions will be run in the same way. Some coaches and umpires will be less strict about certain rules. However, this list is a checklist of the most common netball no-nos that netball players have been pulled up on.

  • No long nails. Seems obvious that these would really hurt you and likely other players too. Some umpires will come round and check that you cannot see your nails above the tips of your fingers. Lots of seasoned netball players will carry nail clippers and nail files with them for this reason!
  • No earrings. In social netball this rule isn’t upheld as often. I mean, if you’re wearing mega-long, dangly earrings then of course you’re going to be asked to remove them. However, if you’ve got some studs in then you might be ok. In proper matches players are asked to either remove studs or put tape over them. Again, the more seasoned players will carry tape with them!Photo of leather bracelets | Netball no no |
  • No rings. A bit like with earrings – this rule isn’t always stuck to in social netball. However, in a proper match then you are asked to remove rings. Sometimes it’s really hard for people to get them off! Particularly if you never take your wedding ring off. In this case you can tape over your rings.
  • No necklaces or bracelets. These could be easily broken when you’re playing so it just makes sense to not wear them to netball in the first place.
  • No watches. Sorry all you fitbit and exercise tracker fanatics! Watches can easily get caught by other players fingers in a game so you can’t wear these when playing.
  • No sunglasses. Sometimes in the fleeting British Summer you really want to pop on a pair of sunnies so you can see the net! However, you can’t wear sunglasses (or glasses) unless you have a prescription. A ball to the face with glasses on would really hurt!Photo of sunglasses | Netball no nos |
  • No hats. Well sort of… Seems obvious but you can’t wear a hat with a hard brim on court. However, in extreme heat I have seen umpires allow soft brim hats in a game. They can’t really hurt anyone but they can fall off when you’re running around so I’m not sure I’d bother.
  • Hair must be suitably tied back. This is practical too. If your hair is swishing around your face then it’s going to be a lot harder to see where the ball is. (Tip: I always take a spare hairband with me)
  • No pregnant ladies – wait that’s changed. The regulations used to say that pregnant women could play up until 12 weeks. Now the regulation has changed a little. It says: “England Netball recommends that individuals (player, coach, umpire) if pregnant should only participate with approval from their doctor and in accordance with any guidelines issued by England Netball”. So it seems to me that you need to speak to your doctor and be aware that you are playing at your own risk.

Phew! That’s a lot of no-nos! Like I said, every session will be different and they may not all be so strict on these rules. But it’s best to be aware of them just in case.

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