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Started by a netball addict who now believes netball is the best thing since sliced bread!

I never enjoyed netball as a kid. I was a real shortie and pretty unfit so I never really wanted to play at school. However, since having kids of my own and wanting to get a bit of “me-time” as well as wanting to get back in shape, I have discovered a new found love. You guessed it. Netball.

I went along to a Back to Netball session near me, feeling nervous and worried I’d make an eejet of myself. To my surprise everyone was super friendly, there was no judgment about my crappy fitness levels or rookie mistakes. The coach was lovely and the other players were really encouraging.

5 years on and I still love the game. I’ve made loads of friends, lost weight, am loads fitter, my game has improved (a little) and I get some precious time to myself every week. Win-win.

So if you want to learn about pivots, throws, passes, netball positions and more then Love Netball is for you. And if you want to know about the best netball trainers, netball bibs, what to get your netball loving mates for their birthday – this is for you too.






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